Wellbeing in the Workplace

Workplace Wellness Events and Courses 

Our Workplace Wellness Programmes teach employees how to achieve a long-term healthy lifestyle. The programme benefits them on a personal level and in turn organisations thrive from having a healthier, more productive and engaged workforce. 

About the Trainer  

Elizabeth O’Riordan qualified Nutrition Coach in 2005. Since then she has been in clinical practice in Dublin, where she has helped many groups and individuals on their journey to a better, healthier lifestyle.  

As an educator, the key to Elizabeth’s success is her ability to equip her clients with the knowledge, tools and motivation to effortlessly apply the ‘Real Foods’ nutritional approach, as a long-term solution, to achieving a healthier and therefore happier life. 

Typical Course Content 

Through our tailored group seminars your staff will learn to focus on the key nutritional areas that will benefit them personally and ultimately in the workplace. 

  • Nutrition for optimal energy. 

  • How to eat for stress and anxiety reduction. 

  • Foods for weight loss or weight gain. 

  • Top foods for concentration and mental clarity. 

  • Food for Focus. 

  • How to avoid mid-afternoon brain drain. 

  • Best food for busy people. 

  • Understanding World Health Organisation food guidelines.  

  • Good Fat V Bad Fats. 

  • Eat your way to 5 a day – easy ways to eat more fruit and vegetables. 

  • Immune boosting foods. 

  • Healthy heart foods. 

  • Food for a healthy shape. 

  • Feed to lead – high achievers performance programme. 

  • Mindful eating practices. 

Course Benefits 

  • Enhanced wellbeing. 

  • Improved focus. 

  • Reduced stress. 

  • Increased energy levels. 

  • Reduce presenteeism.  

  • Improved productivity. 

  • Greater clarity.  

  • Greater health. 

  • Reduced absenteeism. 


Other course options include: 

  • Lunch and Learn sessions. 

  • One to one nutrition reviews, including body composition assessment. 

  • Handy lunch demonstrations, even with limited facilities. 

  • Advising work place restaurants on healthy food choices. 

  • Healthy Shape nutrition course.  

  • Bespoke courses available on request.  

In summary, healthier employees are more productive, and with our help, you can empower your employees to live a healthier lifestyle. To learn more please contact us on 01 849 4266 or email 


“More energy for work….happier…..more energy all round…..” Patricia Ryan  

“Feel great….sleeping great…..more energy…..lost 2 stone…no fads just proper food…” Adrian Hughes 

“Cholesterol normalised… making healthier food choices, lost 4 inches off waist and 13lbs …..” Francis Brannigan 

Image by Perry Grone

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.