Elizabeth O’Riordan is a qualified nutrition coach in a thriving clinical practise for over a decade. She is also a qualified, experienced communication teacher with extensive experience as a corporate and organisational leader. As an educator, the key to Elizabeth’s success is her ability to equip group and individual clients with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to effortlessly apply a healthy workplace wellbeing framework, as a long-term solution, to help on their journey to a healthier productive and engaged workforce. 


Experienced in collaborating and delivering Workplace Wellness Frameworks. Elizabeth has experience and success in partnering with multinational brands and delivering results. With over 20 years’ experience and success in wellness and people management.

These courses are a framework for total wellbeing, healthy lifestyle, work-life balance fitness and healthy nutrition.  Of course, bespoke wellbeing frameworks can be organised to meet the needs of each organisation.

Please get in touch to learn more about wellbeing and nutritional services and framework packages.